Posted by: jasonk2600 | December 30, 2009

FreeBSD Slave DNS Server


This document describes the basic steps necessary to configure a system running FreeBSD to perform the role of a slave DNS server.  The slave DNS server will make use of the BIND DNS server included in the basic FreeBSD configuration and will draw DNS information from an authoritative master DNS server running on another system.  NOTE: Only the configuration of the slave DNS server is described here, refer to the Authoritative DNS Server post for more information on how to setup a master DNS server.


Begin be enabling the BIND DNS server.

# echo 'named_enable="YES"' >> /etc/rc.conf


Modify the BIND DNS server configuration file, /etc/namedb/named.conf.  Configure BIND to retrieve your domain information from your authoritative master DNS server.  NOTE:  In the example below, the authoritative master DNS server can be contacted through the IP address and the FreeBSD slave DNS server uses the IP address  Change these IP addresses to reflect your network setup.

options {
  listen-on {;};
  forwarders {;};

zone "" in {
  type slave;
  file "slave/";
  masters {;};


Restart the BIND DNS server for the new settings to take effect.

# /etc/rc.d/named restart


Once the BIND DNS server has restarted configure a client system to use the newly configure slave DNS server. Try to ping one of the hosts configured in your domain. The ping utility should be able to resolve the IP address for the hostname.




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